Monday, June 3, 2013

Dog Leptospirosis Symptoms

Dog Leptospirosis Symptoms and Warning Signs

Photo Credit: o5com via Flickr
            In our previous post, “What Is Dog Leptospirosis?” we discussed the Leptospira bacteria as an organism, what it requires to thrive, and how long it takes for the bacteria to infect a dog. Veterinarians are continuously seeing cases of this disease and issuing vaccines, antibiotics, and other medications in an effort to combat it. Your veterinarian should be well aware of the different types of symptoms that infected dogs will display, but this list will help the owner to determine when to seek medical help for his or her dog should Leptospirosis be a suspect.

Dog Leptospirosis: Understanding Leptospira Bacteria

What Is Dog Leptospirosis?

Leptospirosis is a disease that infects a wide variety of species, including dogs and humans. Veterinary advice and treatment are usually important when dogs become infected. This disease is caused by Leptospira bacteria. Bacteria are microscopic, single celled organisms that can be either be beneficial and crucial to a living organism’s health or cause serious illness or disease. In the case of the Leptospira bacteria, it is a very dangerous microorganism that can cause a wide variety of health issues in the form of Leptospirosis in dogs. By understanding the bacteria at fault and what it does to the body of a dog, a dog owner can be prepared to recognize the warning signs and seek help. See Dog Leptospirosis Symptoms for more information regarding the symptoms of the disease, or ask your veterinarian for a guide or pamphlet with information covering the details and treatment of leptospirosis.